US police arrest 25 students at the University of Virginia during a pro-Palestine demonstration

U.S. University of Virginia police have clashed with pro-Palestinian protesters who refused to remove tents from campus, arresting dozens of students as anti-Israel protests quickly spread on college campuses across the country in solidarity with the Palestinians in the war-torn country. Gaza Strip.

25 pro-Palestinian students were arrested in Virginia on Saturday. The students had started their demonstration on the lawn of the school chapel the day before.

Footage from WVAW-TV shows law enforcement officers in riot gear with shields on the Charlottesville campus.

Protesters were heard chanting “Free Palestine,” while university police announced on social media platform X that an “unlawful assembly” had been identified in the area.

Students were forcefully pushed to the ground, dragged by their arms and sprayed with a chemical irritant by police as they entered the university, according to Laura Goldblatt, an assistant professor of English and global studies who assisted the student protesters quoted by The Washington Post .

“Our concern since this started has been the safety of our students. Students are not safe right now,” Goldblatt said.

The university administration confirmed that protesters were ordered to take down their tents and canopies, which was deemed against school policy. Virginia State Police were called to assist with enforcement, according to a statement from the university.

Several US universities, such as Michigan, Indiana University, Ohio State University and Northeastern University in Boston, were among the schools bracing for protests this weekend. More protests are expected in the coming weeks.

In Ann Arbor, graduates waving Palestinian flags and chanting pro-Palestinian slogans were watched by police officers during the University of Michigan’s commencement ceremony on Saturday. A banner read “No More Universities in Gaza” as tens of thousands of visitors filled Michigan Stadium.

About 75 people, many wearing traditional Arabic kaffiyehs and graduation caps, made their way down the main aisle to the stage at the start of the event at Michigan Stadium. Officials said no one had been arrested.

At Princeton, New Jersey, 18 students launched a hunger strike to push the university to divest from companies linked to Israel.

In recent weeks, American campuses have become battlegrounds for demonstrations against Israel’s war on Gaza, resulting in a series of tense and sometimes violent encounters.

The students are calling for an end to Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza and demanding that schools be divested from companies that support the Israeli regime.

Protests are sweeping college campuses nationwide after police at Columbia University – the epicenter of student protests – attempted to clear a pro-Palestinian encampment, resulting in the arrest of hundreds of students.

The police, who have also received training from the Israeli regime, especially in repression, are using brutal tactics to suppress the student movement.

U.S. police have arrested about 2,400 people since April 18 during pro-Palestinian protests on 47 college campuses across the country, the Associated Press reported.