Animal Ear Cleaning in Edmonton

Unlike humans, cats, dogs and other pets can’t just reach for cotton buds to clean their ears should they feel a little waxy. On top of that, you pet’s hearing is an integral part of their sensory system and, in many cases, can help shape their personality. It makes sense then that it is so important that their ears are cleaned regularly and sufficiently. And if you want the most effective results for your pets, then you need to invest in a premier ear cleaning service from the experts at Clippin' Along.

With years of combined experience in all parts of professional pet care services, Clippin' Along’s fully certified team has the skill, expertise and patience to carry out this sometimes tricky task with ease. Call today to schedule an appointment for your pet or to learn more about the many benefits that our ear-cleaning service can provide. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Dogs and Their Ear Canals

Have you noticed that your dog has become less and less responsive to your calls recently? Or maybe he or she has stopped responding to you altogether. This may be brushed off as old age or adolescent disobedience but the reality is that your pet probably can’t hear you very well because of a blockage in its ear canals. To remedy this problem, it is a clever idea to invest in a top-quality ear cleaning service from Clippin' Along.

The reason why it is so important to have your dog’s ears cleaned regularly is because of their unique ear canals. Unlike other animals, dogs have very long ear canals. In general, these canals are between 5 and 10 cm in length. To make matters even more complicated, they also usually take a right-angle bend. That means that material can easily get lodged in their ears, and it is much harder to get it out. This is particularly risky after swimming where water can pool in their ears. Counteract this by choosing a regular ear cleaning service from Clippin' Along.